Thursday, July 23, 2009

Desiree Bassett: Best Girl Guitarist

Now age 16, Desiree was last year billed as "the best 15 year old girl guitarist in the world." It was understatement.

She should have been billed as the best 15 year old girl guitarist ... ever. She has rare aptitude, and obvious love for the music.

I love that one of her music heroes is Carrie Underwood. Desiree retains a sweetness which is appropriate for a girl from Ashford, CT. Her wardrobe choices are appropriate for a 16 year old girl guitarist. Her parents are obviously good parents, and Desiree is obviously a decent person.

Desiree radiates light when she plays. It is wonderful to behold. Watch her face on "Blazin Guitar Girl", playing in Norwich, CT, in Dec 2008. She is communicating: Isn't getting to stand up here and play guitar the awesomest thing ever?! And I watch her, and I talk back to the computer monitor: Yes! Yes, it actually IS the awesomest thing ever!

Below, Sammy Hagar introduces Desiree to his fans. At the end, Hagar says: "Put that ... on You Tube, okay! Scare them people to death." Who will it scare? Other rock musicians. One day, pretty soon, Desiree Bassett will be coming for their derrieres.

The funniest part of Desiree's jam with The Marshall Tucker Band is listening to Desiree's father as he unsteadily videotapes the scene and screams out "YEAH girl!", and exclaims to everyone within earshot "Oh my God, man! Holy shit! That's my daughter up there! I can't believe it!" He's a rock and roll fan, and he's blown away. Desiree's solo, and her father's "Oh my God, man"s, begin at 1:30.

Desiree's You Tube Page has her description of her musical skills and of her musical influences. Desiree currently has 29 videos at her website:, and a biography.


Anonymous said...

A very astute observation from a rock and roll music lover. The reason I became involved with promoting Desiree' and supporting her the way I do as her fan club president is simply the fact that she is such an outstanding individual! Not just a musician but an awesome human being. And if there were only one thing I could ask of anyone who pans Desiree's ability as a true great guitarist, is to please do some research into her background to see who she really is and where she comes from. The whole thing takes on a new meaning once you understand that she is NOT some lucky rich kid that had someone buy her way to where she's got to. Rather, worked very hard for a very long time and made huge sacrifices to reach the heights she has. She is a gift and an inspiration to me and so many other people. Thank you Desiree' for everything... You Rock!
"Da Prez"

gcotharn said...

Welcome, Da Prez. Honored by your visit. I loved discovering Desiree. You have the best description: her play is inspiring.