Sunday, July 19, 2009

U.S. Commerce Secretary says United States needs to pay for China's emissions

Update: before new U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was confirmed, Michelle Malkin reported on Locke's eyebrow raising background, including his close ties to China.



Am slack-jawed.

Barack is doing dumb things:
  • increasing size of government;
  • bashing U.S. during overseas trips;
  • supporting Iranian Government over Iranian people;
  • supporting Castro, Chavez, Ortega, Mel Zelaya, Socialism, and Communism, over the Honduran Government and democracy.
It would take a book to name the rest of the dumb things.

Barack is doing crooked things:
  • using the Office of the Presidency to cook the Census, via using both ACORN and survey sampling to count people who are not there (and thus rig the demographic count in favor of increased Congressional power emanating from Northeastern states);
  • using amnesty and nationalized healthcare to increase Democratic Party votes coming into the U.S. from Mexico;
  • using Card Check to increase union size and Democratic Party votes
  • quieting conservative talk radio via FCC Local Broadcast Review Boards (Dick Morris video link explicates the above assertions)
  • pretending we face a climate crisis (to aid the growth of government and the growth of world government);
  • pretending the Stimulus will stimulate (instead of saying what it actually is: a further expansion of government);
  • reneging on the majority of his promises (every Barack promise comes with an expiration date - every single one of them);
  • denying his record - even denying statements he has made as President (statements which are recorded on video).
There is plenty more. It would take a book to name the rest of the crooked things.

If Barack had been hatched by the Soviets and by the Mao era Chinese, if Barack had pointed his entire life towards a Manchurian Candidacy: then, once in office, Manchurian Candidate Barack could not have done a better job of wrecking America than (accidental Manchurian Candidate?) Barack is doing.

"The American people will never vote for Socialism. Yet, under the name of liberalism, the American people will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program."
- Norman Thomas, six time Presidential candidate of the American Socialist Party, speaking in 1927, as quoted by (former liberal) Ronald Reagan
If America pays for Chinese emissions, the net effect will be to further strengthen the strangle-hold American government is attempting on the American people. Under the guise of liberalism, the net effect will more ground gained in the battle for Socialist style government control of private enterprise.


Paul Gordon said...

Now that India has apparently said "No. Hell No!!!" to legally capping their own emissions, I suppose we'll have to pick up THAT tab as well.

I wouldn't put it past this administration. :(


gcotharn said...

Well, under Commerce Secretary Locke's reasoning, we WOULD have to pay for a portion of India's emissions, b/c we are consuming a portion of India's goods and services.

We produce a huge portion of the world's products. If consumers of products need to pay: why would not other nations pay for the United States' emissions costs?

I'm in a grouchy mood lately. I am irritated at the manure emanating from the White House. I'm not sloughing it off, as I usually do. I'm irritated. It offends my sense of right and wrong.