Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Gates Assumption

I'm greatly interested in the way this subject will resonate, over time, with Joe and Jane Voter. Americans understand police interaction. We may not understand economics, we may not be able to get our heads around “trillion”, but we understand interaction with police.

Barack’s unforced error allows us Joe and Jane Voter Americans to see him more clearly than we could see him before. Barack bumbled into an area in which we regular Americans have expertise. “Cops” plays 10 times a night on cable TV. We understand the lack of reasoning behind the rash Gates Assumption. We understand the racial agenda behind the Gates Assumption. We understand men who are too vain to see their mistakes and apologize for them. We GET this. Barack is unmasked in our eyes. And, if he’s unreasonable, agenda-driven, and unwilling to admit error here: WHERE ELSE is he unreasonable, agenda-driven, and unwilling to admit error?

This is a small incident which is HUGE, b/c me, my neighbor, and the girl who cuts my hair all understand it perfectly. In fact, you’d have to be a college professor (or a law school lecturer) to fail to understand this incident.

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