Monday, July 27, 2009

Tacos Make Everything Better


Wow: strong video of support for Sgt. Crowley from fellow police officers. Be sure and watch the woman officer, Kelly King. neo-neocon: "[King] burns with the slow fire of the knowledge that she’s telling the truth."

Meanwhile, unbelievably, The City of Cambridge, "in light of Professor Gates arrest", is commissioning a study of it's police procedures, so as to study ways the police may improve. High. Larious.

Update 2

Iowahawk: Cambridge Police Profiling Still Grim Reality for Harvard Faculty Assholes


The Bloggess and her husband, on the way to a Houston Taco Cabana for Monday lunch, get hit by another car. The Bloggess tweets the aftermath:
TheBloggess: Police are here. I suggested we all go get tacos while he writes the report. He didn't even respond.

TheBloggess: Me: tacos make everything better. Police officer: *total silence*

TheBloggess: I think this police officer is racist.
This seems a small thing, yet: openly mocking a Black American Princess (Gates) represents societal progress against the choking PC culture which we have too long tolerated.

Many Americans voted for Barack b/c they thought it would reduce the accusations that America is harshly and backwardly racist.

However, widespread belief/accusation of racism had not been our recent problem. Our recent problems have been Political Correctness and white guilt. White people have been oversensitive; have cared overmuch (for any healthy and mature adult) about unjustified/irrelevant/petty/irrational accusation. The problem always has been lack of wisdom on the part of white people - be that either lack of wisdom which manifested in actual racist attitude, or lack of wisdom which manifested in foolishly harboring fear of what black people might say/accuse. The problem never has been the perception of critics.

Ironically, Barack's election is fomenting progress - as shown by the pale-skinned The Bloggess' fearless and almost unthinking mocking of the Black American Princess Gates. I read The Bloggess a lot. She is a journalist, a liberal (albeit of the Texas variety), and she completely understands PC. Two years ago - pre-Barack election, pre-Gates Assumption - would The Bloggess have gaily mocked a black man in Gates position? I think it unlikely. I think something has changed - even in the last week.

The Bloggess' gaity could be a harbinger of other changes in society. Affirmative Action has been propped up like a corrupt and unworkable dictatorship: like Mussolini, like Nicolae Ceausescu, like the USSR. When corrupt, unworkable, propped up dictatorships fall: they often fall hard and swift. It could be the same with Affirmative Action - and the Gates Assumption could play a role.

I don't think the Gates Assumption is a small thing. I think it is a lingering thing which will become more and more infected. It could help kill off Barack's career; it could contribute to reducing or killing off both Affirmative Action and Political Correctness. I think it is a marker and a notable moment.

We can thank Barack. He truly is bringing hope and change.

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