Thursday, July 02, 2009

Affirmative Action is a barrier to excellence and achievement

neo-neocon commenter Artfldger tells a story of affirmative action being a barrier to excellence and achievement. I do not endorse his take on Sotomayor's thought process, but the rest of his story is poignant:
what sotomyer wanted was to throw the results back into the bag, and hope soem of the whites would get dissillusioned and not try (given the example she was setting). when and if this then happened, there wold now be suddenly more spaced for the african firefigthers to test to the bottom of the top.

the idea was institutional dissilllusionment would create opportunity for africans and people of color.

and the decline in average merit and ability of the people who protect us is just a necessary cost.

i saw this institutional dissillusionment when i went to the SBA to see if i could build my company and avail myself of such programs. their literature is gender neutral, their practice is reverse racist to the extreme. which is why you dont see any small stores and delis owned by white men in the city. they cant get free equipment, guaranteed loans, etc.

to watch the men slowly realize all day and slowly get up and leave one by one during the course of eight hours was a life changing experience.

all of them if you talked to them in the morning were full of hope and stuff. most were immigrants from europe and other places, just as poor as the others.

full of happiness and such… and one by one their shoulders would collapse, and their dreams would die, and they would slowly get up during speeches and classes and try to become invisable as they left…

welcome to america…
Our nation relies upon excellence and achievement to ensure our independence and freedom. Affirmative action weakens us; makes us vulnerable. And, when we achieve less, when we excel less: we actually increase human suffering amongst our own citizens. Affirmative action obstructs excellence and achievement. It is an abomination.

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