Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ann Coulter explicates Ricci

I have read reams of info on Ricci. Ann Coulter explains the issues more clearly than anything I have read.

It's easy to forget, sometimes, how accurate Ann Coulter is in her writings. She has to be, b/c the left is salivating over her every word, looking to pounce and discredit her once and for all. In response, her research is outstanding, her footnotes in her books are meticulous. This accuracy, along with her humor, is her secret. There are many - including people like me - who write and blog about issues. Ann Coulter's meticulous research, her doing of homework before writing, gives her an extra edge of gravitas amongst potential readers.

If you're interested in Ricci at all, read the column which is linked, and you will understand the case with clarity.

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