Saturday, July 11, 2009

End Zone answers the query: Why do they hate Sarah Palin so?

Is it possible to dislike Sarah Palin for cause? Sure it is. This is about those persons who go beyond cause, and into hateful territory.

Many oh-so-virtuous leftists are actually filled with hatred for a group. Examples of such a group might be conservatives, or Christians, or Americans who love traditional, middle American values. Problem is, the oh-so-virtuous leftists cannot admit (sometimes even to themselves) they hate such a group, b/c such hatred equates to unseemly prejudicial hatred such as racial hatred, or religious hatred, or misogyny. So they keep it bottled up.

Until a Sarah Palin cames along.

In their way of thinking, they get to hate ONE person. That is okay. That is justifiable. That is not unseemly or prejudicial. They hate her so much b/c they have so much pent-up, repressed hatred being held down under pressure. Their hatred needs release. She is the excuse. She is the person they can hate while rationalizing that they remain oh-so-virtuous.

What of the rampant lies about Sarah Palin?
"People don't hate Sarah Palin because of the lies. The lies exist to justify the hate."
Exactly (link). The hatred needs release; the haters need rationalization of their own virtue(i.e. need some rationalization other than that they are storing massive pent up hatred which needs release). Viola! The lies emerge ... to justify the hate.


Just as Neda Agha-Soltan personalizes Iranian oppression:

so Sarah Palin personalizes conservatives for insecure leftists who hate and fear conservatives;

so Sarah Palin personalizes Middle American values for insecure leftists and for professional women who have rejected those values, and who both hate and fear those values(fear they have made the wrong choice via rejecting those values);

so Sarah Palin personalizes the detested underclass who do not have the right education, do not speak the right way, yet have the GALL to believe they are just as smart and just as wise and just as capable;

so Sarah Palin personalizes the ethics of abortion for women who have had abortions and whom are insecure about the virtuousness of their choice;

so Sarah Palin personalizes Christianity for insecure nonbelievers who have rejected Christianity and whom are worried they might live empty lives and then go to Hell;

so Sarah Palin - with her damnable hot husband and well adjusted kids and successful career, personalizes the envy for those who tend towards insecurity and envy.

Stephen Pressfield says the opposite of love is fear. I say hatred is closely tied to fear. People who tend to be insecure, envious, ungrounded, fearful, guilty: Sarah Palin personalizes everything for them, and they direct all their “stuff” at her. Sarah really is a “designated hate receptacle”, as the God sneering chick* who bans consideration of neurological differences between males and females said - and brilliantly said. Sarah Palin really is (as neo commenter Mike O’Malley pointed to) a subconscious scapegoat which hearkens to early and ancient human traditions (that’s my paraphrase of Mr. O’Malley’s words) - especially for those who have never studied the Christian gospels, and have never been exposed to the radical message of love in the Sermon on the Mount. Sarah Palin really is, as neo says “the perfect storm, the confluence of flashpoints regarding class, education, beauty, sexuality, Christianity …, and female ambition.”

Many on the left consider themselves too virtuous to hate an entire large group of people. Such is unseemly. However, they get to hate HER. To them, it is not unseemly to hate a specific individual. She personalizes it for them, and their bile spews as if from a wide open sewage pipe which has been closed up and storing it’s contents under pressure. Sweet release. And all the @#$% shoots forth: insecurity, envy, guilt, fear, hatred, and plenty more. Stinky. And they don’t know it. They think it smells like flowers.

David Kahane channels the left: I Hate You, Sarah Palin
David Kahane: I Still Hate You, Sarah Palin

*I so love calling her a chick, b/c she is super attenuated to gender insult, and I enjoy imagining it might rile her. But, I am just being playful. The important thing is she wrote one gat-danged outstanding examination of Palin hate. It is worth clicking the link and reading.

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