Thursday, July 16, 2009

Notes from Honduras

Update: Ferdsblog passes along rumors of Venezuelan military infiltration and upcoming offensive inside Honduras - happening maybe as soon as tonight or tomorrow.


First, please watch this two minute-ish video from Mr. Alexandro Pena, courtesy of Honduras Abandoned.

Second, from recently returned PJTV correspondent Chris Bugard:
There is a lot of bewilderment down there as to why Pres. Obama sided with Castro and Chavez.

The Hondurans are hoping that they can cut off enough of the foriegn intervention in order that they may be able to hold free Presidential elections in November.

They are very proud of the fact that Honduran printers refused to print the illegal ballots and that their military refused to distribute the ones that were printed in Venezuala.

The Honduran Minority leader: Antonio Rivera, explained to me that the political landscape began to change when Castro and Ortega sent in 900 teachers to help the poor in the country. They began organizing and indoctrinating almost immediately.

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