Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin's future

I don't know if she intends to drop out of public life permanently, temporarily, or not at all. Because I'm a horrible predictor of voter preferences: I don't know if her political career is over forever, or if she will reemerge as a Joan of Arc figure for Republicans to rally behind.

I do know, if she is putting Alaska's interests ahead of her own interests: Americans hate that, right? If she is putting her family's interests ahead of her own interests: Americans hate that too, right? Well, Americans in media do. "The world needs more Trigs." Media hate that, too.

I don't know if she will give speeches, speeches, speeches, making connections and rallying support; or if she will show up with her own Fox News show; or if she will write her book and be a Mom and lay low.

That's said, here’s what I think:

this is brilliant, and is typical of her independent and gutsy style.

She’s got nothing to lose. She was in trouble if she remained onstage as an Alaskan pinata.

Her brother, Chuck Heath, told Fox News that, a few weeks back, Sarah said she was spending up to 80% of her work days on her legal defense, and her staff was spending much time on it also. She said it was unfair to Alaskans that she was spending so much time on personal legal issues. Today, Gov. Palin said her own lame duck Governor status would be inefficient and not best for Alaska. She says it’s the right moment for the point guard to pass the ball in order to be more productive; in order for Alaska to be more productive.

This frees her up; this shrinks her as a target - and especially shrinks her as a target of local Alaska politicos who would try to damage her in advance of a national run. She needed to shake those guys off her ankles. Every mailman will tell you it’s the little dogs which are the most dangerous.

I think it’s too easy, and premature, to knee-jerk and loftily announce she is done as a candidate.

Plus, I don’t run for shelter when the wind kicks up a bit. Neither does a bit of wind send me running down the street screaming: “tornado!”

I do know that observing Sarah Palin has brightened my life, and I appreciate her for that. This is my favorite photo of her, which has a lot to do with how both Piper and the red shoes reveal Sarah Palin to the viewer.

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