Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer Summit

Update: Random outtakes from the beer summit

Sgt. Crowley drank Blue Moon.

It's Belgian style beer, brewed by Molson-Coors.

Sgt. Crowley's beer sends this message: I am not a rube. My taste is unfussy, yet sophisticated enough. Don't assume I am a rube.

President Obama drank Bud Light.*

His beer sends this message: I'm just a regular American (who watches his waistline, as we all should - this is a teachable moment!). I learned my dilettante lesson over the arugula incident and over the brown mustard on a hamburger incident. I won't make that mistake again.

Another Bud Light fan ====>

The good: she fishes!

The bad: Bud Light. Yuck.

The unexpected: Koozies = sexy

*Sometimes I wonder: am I too hard on President Obama? Today is a good example: I love many varieties of beer; I don't love Bud Light. I cannot even agree with President Obama about what is a tasty beer.

Professor Gates drank Sam Adams Light.

His beer sends this message: I have taste, but am not trying to throw my superior taste in your face. I'm just a regular guy named "Skip."

Sam Adams has designed their own beer glass, and I think the glass is cool. Good marketing.

Vice President Biden drank a non-alcoholic Buckleys.

His message: I DO NOT have a drinking problem! Don't even think it!


Webutante said...
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Webutante said...

I only have one thing to say: that woman is not fly fishing.

Go ahead and say I'm a guilty of fishial profiling.

Guilty as charged...

gcotharn said...

LOL. You are the favored fishing person - true fishing person - of this blog. Nothing will ever change that - especially not a Koozie floozie who possesses neither your beauty, fishing skill, nor sartorial flair.

Webutante said...

What a relief! I have you know, I would nevah stuff a beer can in or on any scant of my clothing or body self-respecting fish would ever take my fly...

It's late and now I can rest assured of a good night's sleep!