Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Complexity and Ethics

In Medical School, and during residency, future Doctors are schooled in medical ethics.

Once on the job, Doctors make ethical decisions on a case by case basis, often with insurance companies looking over their shoulders.

A premise of Obamacare: government can make ethical decisions, on a group basis, more ethically than Doctors now make ethical decisions on individual bases. From 1500 miles away, Washington D.C. can make ethical decisions better than a doctor who is 5 feet away from a patient.

Who believes this Obamacare premise is valid?

Decisions are made in an environment of complexity. Decisions are better made closer to the decisionpoint, rather than further from it.

This video, of Barack advising a woman (in so many words) that her mother ought skip surgery, take painkillers, and die, is a case in point.

Exceptions exist. Environment of complexity. Spread the decisionmaking across the population.


This Barack video fits: American bumpkins must stop "clinging" to their health care.

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