Saturday, November 08, 2008

"And those guys are jerks"

Sarah Palin's riposte has me laughing:
“And that's cruel, and it’s mean-spirited, it’s immature, it’s unprofessional, and those guys are jerks....”
"those guys are jerks" strikes just the right tone. It's perfect. It sounds like something you say, in a basketball sideline huddle, when the opposition has been grabbing and pushing and elbowing you: Those guys are jerks!

Sister Heather Heath, Brother Chuck Heath, Sarah Heath

Hot Air has video, and a quote from Ambinder putting the machine gun on automatic and spraying accusations in every direction: towards Romney, Huckabee, and every aide McCain had. Ambinder, no friend of Repubs, appears to be trying to lock in the meme that Gov. Palin is an idiot, i.e. if everyone was saying it, it must be true. But watch Hot Air's video: Sarah Palin is no idiot, and she's not trying to hide anything - she's too relaxed and quick and easy with her answers.

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