Thursday, November 06, 2008

Meeting Obama

Posted by Frank J. at 8:33 am

Now that the election is over, I wonder if we finally get to find out who Obama is. I wonder what he’s like?


Cindy said...

I've heard he is a disarming sort of fellow in person. He came to my town, but I had no desire to see him or hear his non-message. I think we've "met" some of his multiple personalities. Which one is the administrator (the one in charge)? Anybody's guess. His illuminati surrogates only think they know.

gcotharn said...

How is Obama going to govern? No one knows! Amazing. We've elected someone about whom we have to guess. We know what he said, but no one believes what he said! People who voted for him don't believe what he said. His own staff didn't believe what he said. Amazing.