Saturday, November 22, 2008

TCU's Amon Carter Stadium

Want to watch a football game the old time way: eat a corn dog, smell the popcorn, see some real grass stains on football pants, not have to protect your children from the home team's fans? Amon Carter Stadium is for you. The old stadium has never been prettier. The art deco addition atop the south end zone turns the stadium into a beautiful matron who has made herself up and donned stings of pearls. From Oct 16 and TCU 32 - BYU 7:

The best conception of the addition comes from this artist's rendering:

Two sections of seating jut out to the edge of and just above the original end zone seats. Amon Carter Stadium's original prominence occurred in the 1930s, when Sammy Baugh and Davey O'Brien quarterbacked powerful TCU teams - including the 1938 National Champions. The excellence of the current end zone addition is it's architectural lushness which comes straight out of the 1920s and 1930s. Nicely done.

Lots of modern stadiums have gigantic pictures of football heroes lined up the outside facade. TCU's football heroes hanging on the facade line-up is formidable:

Sammy Baugh
Davey O'Brien
Bob Lilly
LaDanian Tomlinson.

Those guys would match up with heroes from any school. They blow away, for instance, the football heroes hanging on the facade of my alma mater Baylor's stadium. TCU should add C-LB Ki Aldrich. In 1938, Life Magazine called him "probably the greatest LB in football history". In 1969, Sports Illustrated named him the Center on their All Time Team for the first 100 years of college football. Sports Illustrated named Sam Baugh the QB of that team. Aldrich may already be up there hanging with others. If not, he should be.

Overheard this afternoon, pregame, from the Margarita drinking coed next to me at Fuzzy's Tacos:
I'm, like, sooo happy to not be sad?
She began it as a statement and finished it as a question, leaving me wondering: is she sooo happy? Or, is she merely wondering aloud whether or not she is sooo happy? Her young man responded that he understood how she felt, and I realized the question part was designed as a query to him. The entire communication was: I am very happy to not be sad. Do you understand how I feel? Part of the overall communication was nonverbal. He did understand - certainly a prerequisite if he hopes to get lucky on this day. Later:

Her young man:
So, you were already not friends anymore before she and I dated, and so breaking off with your best friend had nothing to do with me?
Sooo Happy Girl:
Of course it didn't. We had already quit being friends.
Listen up, Sooo Happy Girl: NO ONE believes that - except, possibly, the exact young man you just tested your story out on - because, again as before, believing and understanding is a prerequisite for getting lucky. After he gets lucky, even he will forget that he ever believed your story.

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