Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gerald Green could save the Dallas Mavericks' season

Green is 6'8", agile, fast, and can jump through the roof. He has the physical ability to guard Kobe, McGrady, Ginobli, Monta Ellis, Dwayne Wade. He has the physical ability to guard Deron Williams, allowing Kidd to slide over on, for instance, Kyle Korver. Green has the physical ability to guard Chris Paul and to bother Steve Nash.

With Green, it's all about his maturity as an adult. Encouraging signs are attested to by voices I trust. Green is supposedly a hard worker who loves the game. I am encouraged. His play is energetic and unselfish. He can shoot it, handle it, and pass it. He elevates on his jump shot like a playground player from the 1970's - like World B. Free, for instance - thus his nice jump shot is unblockable.

The Mavs have nothing to lose. They ought give Green 28+ minutes a game and see if he develops in time for the playoffs. He's their best hope to fill a gaping hole with true athleticism and all around talent. If Gerald Green truly loves the game, he could be a big find - much as Brandon Bass was last season.

If not, Green could be Larry Hughes.


The Mavs best line-up pairs Kidd with Jason Terry.

Question: Why can't the Mavs pair Kidd and Terry all the time and succeed?
Answer: Defense.

Neither Kidd nor Terry can guard the big athletes much of the league plays at the guard spots. Both Kidd and Terry need the defensive protection of guarding the opposition's weakest guard. Neither can step up and guard the opposition's best guard.

Devin Harris could protect Terry. Thus Devin and Terry could be paired together during crunch time. Those days are gone. Kidd and Terry can only be paired against certain teams and certain matchups.


Gerald Green is the Mavs best hope of salvaging the season. They may as well play that hope out to it's fullest extent and see what happens. If Green doesn't pan out, the Mavs are not going to pan out.

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