Monday, November 10, 2008

Scene from a wedding

Hotel portico.

Vachel has bellman loading luggage onto a cart.

Aunt Jane: "Oh, let me get my luggage too! Hold the cart!"

AJ heads for parking lot. I go with her, grab up some of her luggage.

Cousin David emerges with three kids in tow, headed to Strawns. Maybe Jane and co. want to go eat with David and co? But, wait! Cellphone call(!) from Jane's granddaughter; and she sits in her truck for a couple of long minutes speaking with granddaughter, whilst: I hold her luggage, David and co. wait on meal decision, and Vachel and the bellman wait with a loaded luggage cart. She is, so far as I can tell, fully oblivious that 7 people are waiting on her in the here and now in Shreveport, LA.

Vachel and the bellman make a break for it. They are the only brains in the whole crowd.

Phone call ends. "[Granddaughter] is doing fine!"


emjay said...

AJ was not oblivious to anything. She just does give a s---. Believe me, I know!

gcotharn said...

This has me laughing! However! I cannot endorse your quip. We who stand and hold her luggage cannot know the inner workings of AJ's heart - beyond the realization we fall (and properly so) several orders of merit behind the status of her grandchildren. Besides, she makes me warm cookies. I am weak, and easily bought off.

emjay said...

Oh, you're such a wuss. We all learned early on her children and grandchildren are untouchable. But I remember Randle was brilliant. Should I say, "also?"