Wednesday, November 05, 2008

At least Gallup's 11 point prediction was way off

Barack won the popular vote by 6.

Zogby also predicted Barack by 11. Zogby's Friday poll: "McCain leads!", now looks like a play for publicity. Zogby is unmasked as being an unscrupulous huckster.

Rasmussen was right: 6, and had been right almost every day for the month leading up to the election.

IBD/TIPP also increased their final day number from 2 to 6, and now has hit perfectly on two consecutive Presidential Elections.

My opinion: Palin and Joe the Plumber saved the Senate filibuster for Repubs, via energizing the conservative base. It's trendy to claim Palin was a drag on the ticket. That is foolish b/s which is designed to kill Palin's chances of being the 2012 Repub nominee. I'm not saying Palin will be the 2012 nominee; I've no idea about that. I am saying Dems and Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee fear her, and they will diminish her chances any way they can.

The current hit job on Palin is possibly coming from McCain Staff which favor Romney or Huckabee in 2012. One of the complaints is that Palin blamed staff after the Couric interview. She should've blamed staff. CBS edited her answers in ways designed to make her look stupid. Competent staff should've protected her from that.


Anonymous said...

It's the Romney people. They always go negative and CNN had a story on it and it was the former Romney aids that were then part of the McCain campaign once Romney dropped out. Romney will do anything to win.

Joseph said...

Why on earth would Huckabee want to take down one of his own? It's not like he has a lot of friends in high places. He would want to keep the few he had and she is definitely one of those on the Social Conservative side of the party.

gcotharn said...

@ anonymous
I'm with you. That sounds exactly likely to me.

I expect Huckabee is a contender in 2012, and if he fails might still end up as the VP candidate. Therefore, he is helped if he takes Palin out.

However, all this is wild speculation on my part. I was just trying to figure out who would benefit. McCain staff has no incentive except vindictiveness. It would be REALLY vindictive to take Palin down if one had nothing else to gain. I tend to mostly suspect it is Dems, Romney, or Huckabee.