Saturday, November 22, 2008

Undercover, in Baton Rouge, disguised as an Alabama fan

Update: link fixed (below) to student's article.

A follow up to this post about LSU football atmosphere.

The student's article has good info which is not in the video.

My favorite part happens in the final 10 seconds, when a young man walks up and asserts, in a reasonable, matter-of-fact tone: "Once again: Tiger bait." It's his duty to say this, just as it's a dog's duty to bark at a stranger. He knows she will understand.

Her conclusion:
"Overall, the experience of tailgating as an Alabama fan showed LSU fans are some of the most aggressive in the SEC."
Here's what I like about the conclusion: "in the SEC". The world outside the SEC is not up to SEC standards and thus really doesn't matter. The SEC laughs at your inferior tailgating and fan hatred. Ha ha. You do not rise to the level of legitimate Tiger Bait. A self-respecting tiger ignores you and continues his nap, for he is hung over.


Contrast even the nasty aspects of LSU atmosphere with the sterile NFL stadium festival of TV Commercials - as brilliantly documented by Bill Simmons in "Attention: Home-field advantage has left the building":
Throw in the dirty secret that it isn't really fun to attend an NFL game in the 21st century -- the routine of "kickoff, TV timeout, three plays, punt, TV timeout, five plays, field goal, TV timeout, kickoff, TV timeout, someone gets hurt on first down, prolonged TV timeout, three more plays, touchdown, extra point, TV timeout, kickoff, TV timeout" gets old after about 25 minutes
The bad news is that, with just a few exceptions, it's now more entertaining to invite your friends over, tailgate in your backyard and watch your favorite team on TV. You get the replays. You get HD. You have your own bathroom. You're saving money. You can stand up if you want. You don't have a commute. If you have the NFL package, you can flip around to other games during commercials. What's the downside? You got me. I had 10 times more fun watching the Pats-Jets game at a New York City bar last week than I would have had at the actual game. And the sad thing was, I knew that would be the case.

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