Saturday, November 01, 2008

Old Number: $70,000 = Rich

My point is: Barack is a stone cold liar. He is fundamentally cynical. He is unserious about keeping his word, and therefore is all over the place in his supposed-but-not-really "positions" on issues - just as when, after wrapping up the Dem Nomination, he made immediate and wholesale changes in his political positions which I documented here.

Ed Morrissey on $70,000:
Obama’s top end for cuts certainly changed dramatically. If he thought that tax cuts should be limited to $70K in 2003, he hasn’t explained what changed in the following five years to move that to $250K $200K $150K $120K. Obama could have simply changed his mind, but the ambiguity surrounding Democratic talking points in the past few weeks suggests that his commitment to the higher income levels is tenuous at best.
Place your bet on something worse than "tenuous".

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