Monday, November 03, 2008

Win/Win; Not selling out (it's a problem)

Penelope Trunk:
I used to tell myself that the investors have no time to read my blog, but in fact, the investors are so enthralled with reading my blog that they have started asking for advice on starting their own blog.
It's an interesting thing about blogging: why do you want a blog? Penelope's potential investors surely want a blog as a method of helping along their business success. That's trickier than it seems, and I'm not sure how to use a blog to accomplish that. Seemingly millions of persons have already tried and failed.

I blog just to get stuff off my chest which most people don't want to listen to me talk about in tactile life. It works great for that, b/c if a blogpost is boring a reader will skim through it superfast and be gone - whereas, if the reader were a tactile listener, he or she would be stuck listening until such remarks were concluded - which would be no fun for the listener, yet which is zero problem for a blog reader who flies through a boring blogpost in 5 seconds flat and is GONE! Meanwhile, I get to express myself without boring anyone to tears. Win/Win baby!

I do sometimes think of certain readers who will enjoy certain topics or jokes more than others, but mostly I use the blog to get stuff off my chest - such as political stuff - then I can go about my day as a sane person who doesn't feel compelled to speak about politics in public - which, not speaking of politics in public is very handy, indeed.

BTW: since August-ish, the blog has gotten a political race type of bump and is currently seeing 80-90ish readers per day, day after day for scores of days. That's kind of amazing. That number will likely be cut in half beginning tomorrow. We shall see.

BTW II: If/when the number is cut in half, that is fine with me, as I maybe can't take such pressure. I just want to spout off. Like Phoebe Buffay, when she got bumped from her gig at Central Perk and took up busking on the curb, I don't want to be corrupted:
RACHEL: Whoa, look at you, you did pretty well.

PHOEBE: Eight dollars and twenty-seven cents. But not really, 'cause I put in the first two, just to, you know, get the ball rolling, and to make myself feel better.

RACHEL: Do you?

PHOEBE: No. This whole like playing-for-money thing is so not good for me. You know, I don't know, when I sang "Su-Su-Suicide", I got a dollar seventy-five. But then, "Smelly Cat", I got 25 cents and a condom. So you know, now I just feel really bad for Smelly Cat.

RACHEL: Well, you know, honey, I don't think everybody gets Smelly Cat. You know, I mean, if all you've ever actually had are healthy pets, then, whoosh!

PHOEBE: It's not even that. I used to do my songs because it made me happy, but now it's like, it's just all about the money.

RACHEL: Well, people missed you in there. And in fact, there was actually a request for "Smelly Cat".

PHOEBE: Really? From who?

RACHEL: Well, from me. And I know it's not your big money song, but it's my favorite.

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