Monday, November 24, 2008

Blog Vacation

Happy Birthday, on Wednesday, to my Mom, Nancy. 73 years young! Something to celebrate.

The End Zone's reading level is analyzed:

blog readability test

The End Zone authorship's gender is analyzed. Result: 85% probability The End Zone is written by a male. How did they figure that out? Could it be ....... the photos??

Kate Winslett's curves inspired a new Jaguar design.

Sombrero girl is my cousin, Nancy Beth. She's a second grade teacher. Home schooling, anyone?

The tent girls are three hot country music chicks. One of them is my youngest niece. Two of them think I'm pretty cool.

The black dress and smile girl is Nancy Beth's sister, Brooke. Un muchacha de fuego!

Strap girl is Ultimate Fighting star Gina Carano. She's the daughter of former Dallas Cowboy Glen Carano.

Daisy Dukes girl is my oldest niece: Courtney Jean. Mickey's a babe magnet.

Flaming Christina Hendricks.



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