Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fireworks over Floyd-Casey

Big 12 400 Meter Hurdles champion Robert Griffin celebrates Baylor 41 - Texas A&M 21:
"We wanted to come out here and dominate," Baylor standout freshman quarterback Robert Griffin said, "and we did."
The Bears rushed for 269 yards, their most ever in a Big 12 game.
Baylor's defense limited A&M to 64 rushing yards and forced five turnovers, including four interceptions by Johnson.
By the end of the third quarter, Baylor led, 41-7, and was in cruise control.
For as long as Robert Griffin has been drawing breath, Baylor has never "dominated" Texas A&M - nor, before this season, even dreamed it could be done. The game drew 43,000 fans for two teams with losing records. Many of those were Aggies, but, still, Baylor has a little something going when they can draw (28,000 or so?) fans for a consistently sad sack program.

Could Griffin go into the NFL and become what Vince Young should've become? Griffin will benefit from a traditional throwing motion and 4 years of experience in Baylor coach Art Briles' advanced passing offense. If Griffin cannot QB in the NFL, I predict he will succeed as either a WR or SS. I fantasize about him at CB, but that is unlikely. Still, I'd like to see it.

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