Saturday, November 08, 2008

LSU Tiger Stadium Atmosphere

A good article, about game atmosphere, by a good young sportswriter: Chad Conine.

The Tigers play #1 ranked Alabama today in Nick Saban's return to Baton Rouge. The stadium will be electric.

LSU fans do this cheer many times (maybe 50 times) during games: "Geaux, Tigers! Geaux, Tigers! Geaux, Tigers! LSU!" Video. A four yard gain pretty much breaks out the band and the cheer; or any completed pass; or any solid defensive play.

Sometimes, in place of the "LSU", fans in a section will chant "Kick their ass!" My then 11 year old nephew, sitting with me in a section of "Kick their ass" cheers, and so as to not say a bad word, once assured me he was cheering: "Kick their A!"

Note the stadium noise and atmosphere in this video. It's pregame. Kickoff is still 20 minutes away. Cheerleader dives begin at 2:30 mark.

More atmosphere. Pregame. At the 2:30 mark, the scoreboard video shows the Tigers coming out of their locker room and down the tunnel for their entrance.

LSU crowd response to Oct. 2007 announcement of USC defeat.

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