Friday, November 07, 2008

TCU: Agony of Defeat

by 3 points, in a game they led for 54 minutes - from the end of their opening drive until 1:01 remaining, after playing in Las Vegas on Saturday night only to go on the road to Salt Lake City on Thursday, after outgaining Utah 415 to 280, after watching their own kicker miss from 26 and 35 in the 4th Quarter, after knowing in their hearts they were better than the #8 ranked team in the nation ...

Bitter, bitter defeat. There's no way to help players avoid pain after something like this. Everyone feels the hurt; there is no Option B. And that's life. TCU better pull it together, or they'll get their derrieres kicked by Air Force.
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If you are a major conference school selecting a bowl destination, you should avoid TCU like the plague. I judge TCU as one of the top 18 or 20 teams in the nation, if not better. They've lost at Norman, at Utah, and they've dominated every other game - including Stanford and Brigham Young. TCU wins with defense and speed, which is danged hard to overcome.

HBO's Deadwood*, with advice for both TCU players and conservatives across America (language warning):

Look at

the pristine virtue of TCU's road whites
the overdone garishness of what Utah is throwing down:

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Less is more.

*I previously misidentified Ian McShane as Al Pacino. Apologies, Ian.

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