Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scenes from a wedding II

Lately been to several weddings which were perfect and wonderful. This was one of them: ceremony beside a lake, perfect weather, beautiful bride and bridesmaids, fantabulous food - as you will find wherever you go in Louisiana. These people know how to eat.

One notable: you know you are in a red state when the altar is 45 feet from a WWII torpedo. A blue state bride would not allow a ceremony with a torpedo aimed squarely at the bridal party!

Photos from Lowe-McFarlane American Legion Post No. 14:

The torpedo in question.

Our view as the sun went down.

This is a photo of a Memorial Day ceremony. My cousin's wedding altar was to the right and just beyond the red and blue benches in this photo. I don't recall the benches. Maybe they were either removed, or obscured with flowers. Guests were seated beyond where the red and blue benches are in this photo, and closer to the water, with the altar between guests and the water.

A string ensemble set up on the bricks.

I believe the torpedo is a Mark 14:

Weight 3,280 lb
Length 20 ft 6 inches
Diameter 21 in
Effective range 4,500 yards at 46 knots
9,000 yards at 31 knots

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